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Common Core:

  1. Prepare Supporting documents (cover sheet, cost proposal/budget, resumes, Consultant letters/budget, equipment/facilities, etc.);

  2. Write the Commercialization section; and

  3. Publish/Finalize


Each of the steps listed below will be tailored according to your need and the nature of the proposal, i.e., ITAR, Air Force Pitch Days, etc.).


SBIR/STTR Phase I - Phase II - D2P2 - Fast Track:

  1. Pre-proposal meeting / brainstorming (we go over the solicitation and discuss (high level) proposed concepts)

  2. Topic/technology match; Data mining (including, but not limited to: Technical Monitor info, competition, past years’ award winners in similar field, potential universities partner, etc.)

  3. Manage potential proposal recycling.

  4. Provide Template/boilerplate (proposal, cost, commercialization)

  5. Schedule/Coordinate proposals writing / editing / reviewing / finalizing (Remember we are NOT the subject matter experts and, therefore, cannot directly “write” the technical section of the proposal)

  6. Draft and Finalize Section 1 [Identification and Significance of the Problem or Opportunity]

  7. Review/advise on Performance Schedule / Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS)

  8. Research and Write Commercialization Section [data mining, market research, market opportunities, existing patents, etc.].

  9. Advise and assist in finalizing Cost Proposal

  10. Finalize proposal before submission.

When we win (Assisting during the course of the award):

  1. Provide Reports templates

  2. Over the duration of the contract: Schedule, review, finalize Monthly and Final Reports; ensuring compliance with contract requirements.

  3. Review/Manage performance schedule and state of work

  4. Prepare for Phase II S, Phase II E, etc.

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